Celebrating People Across the Hallway

George Couros
2 min readNov 16, 2021

Have you ever felt professional jealousy toward you for an achievement you made?

I guess you probably have, and I can say that I have felt that myself. It takes away some of the “shine” of the moment (or longer) of being proud of something you have accomplished.

Bluntly, that feeling sucks.

Now let’s flip the script.

Have you ever felt professional jealousy toward someone else? Was their moment less important than yours? More importantly, did you act toward them differently because of that jealousy? Did how you deal with that moment make things better or worse for them, or even yourself?

I have felt jealousy directed toward me, and I have felt it directed from myself to others. Acknowledging that feeling a) helps me to be better in dealing with it and using it positively and b) helps me to understand why others might feel that way toward me.

I shared this chart in “Innovate Inside the Box,” and it has helped me progress to a point where I focus on not being jealous of others but how I can learn from what they have done to better myself.

I am not saying I will never feel jealous again.

I am trying to focus on how I learn from others to grow myself while having empathy on why people feel the way they do.

(Below is a quick story that inspired this post in the first place! I share it with vulnerability in hopes that others will learn from my progression. Watch it here on YouTube!)



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