Quitting or Starting Something New?

George Couros
2 min readMay 17, 2022

I believe it is essential to stick with things and work your way through them.

Except when I don’t.

Here is an example; you work for several years getting an education degree, and then you go into the profession to realize that it is not for you.

Or maybe, you have been at a job for a long time and find yourself miserable every day when you come home.

Do you stick it out?

Or do you change directions?

We look at leaving something often as “quitting,” and sometimes, that’s true.

But sometimes, it is less about “quitting” and more about “starting” something new.

In my conversation with Becca Ribbing, she shares the analogy of people starting podcasts. Often, they quit not because they aren’t good at podcasting but because of all of the “other” stuff that they could eventually learn and put a system in to make easier.

As Becca shares, any time you start something new, you will probably not be good at it.

But you could be.

Do you give it that chance?

Yet, sometimes even the things we are good at just become things we do and not things that bring us purpose and passion.

In fact, they become things, even when they are easy, that bring us more stress.

Don’t let quitting something you hate and dread become barrier to starting something new that you could love.

As I write this, I remember a story I shared in “Innovate Inside the Box” about Jim Carrey and his father:

That story has a great reminder.

There are no guarantees in life except that we have the opportunity to live it.

Quitting something is sometimes the best opportunity to find the thing that brings you joy and purpose.



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