Why you aren’t blogging more…

George Couros
1 min readJan 21, 2017


…because you are overthinking.

“Will anyone like this?”

“Have I wrote something similar?”

“Is it good enough?”

“What does this make me look like as an educator?”

“I am not sure it is ready to post?”

“Maybe I should go over and edit just one more time!”

“I think I need more information…”

“There are so many bloggers who are brilliant in what they share…I will never be as good as them.”

All thoughts that come into the head of many, and become the road block we have put up for ourselves.

My best advice…write for you and don’t overthink. See every blog post as a rough draft to something you are building over time, not a college term paper.

The more you do it, the better you will become.

The better you become, the easier it will be.

Be kind, be thoughtful, but don’t overthink. It is probably holding you back for inspiring someone else, and probably surprising yourself.




George Couros

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